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In every link of product production, Huamao Intelligent takes "quality casts the future" as the concept and strictly complies with international production standards to ensure that the cast pipe is solid and smooth, with strong adhesion and good tightness. At the same time, epoxy resin that can be sprayed on the inner and outer walls is also used to ensure the corrosion resistance, alkali resistance and acid resistance of the cast pipe. With a wide range of product specifications, Huamao Intelligent has won the market recognition. Huamao Intelligent has gradually become the trump card of the water supply and drainage gas transmission system.

Huamao intelligent cast pipe has high toughness. Nodular cast iron is an alloy of iron, carbon and silicon. Nodular cast iron graphite exists in spherical free state, which is completely different from ordinary cast iron with a large amount of flake graphite. Ductile iron has the essence of iron and the properties of steel.

Product specifications: DN80-DN2600 has 26 specifications.

Interface form: The company currently adopts T-type sliding interface form.

Lining material: Portland cement (high alumina cement, epoxy resin, epoxy ceramic).

External anti-corrosion coating: sprayed with zinc (≥ 130g/m2) and livid paint.